Welcome in, welcome in, shame about the weather...

Welcome in, welcome in, shame about the weather...

понедельник, 21 марта 2011 г.


Finally I can tell you wonderful news with a lot of photos and happy words.

I remember that evening when amazing Amelia Gregory
asked via twitter for illustrations of 6 Day Riot.
I said 'Me'!
And that's how my dream came true in the end. Because I met wonderful
Tamara Schlesinger and was asked to draw a cover for 6 Day Riot's new single TUSK!
Actually since I was a very little girl I have been dreaming about creating a cover for a wonderful musicians. So I can say my dream really came true ;) :D

You can see the video here(it's amazing by the way).

SO I want to thank Amelia Gregory, Tamara Schlesinger and all wonderful members of 6 Day Riot! THANK YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!
As for te cover, it's here:

суббота, 5 марта 2011 г.

Real Mary and a 'portrait'-Mary.

As I told you before - it was a gift for her wedding :)

вторник, 1 марта 2011 г.

Colin Firth is the BEST!

Here is my illustration of fantastic Colin Firth! Have you heard the last news?!? He WON the OSCAR!
Congratulations!dear mr. Firth!

And (yay) this portrait was made for Helen Martin's article in Amelia's Magazine !

To be honest, I love the result! ;)

Thank you Helen, for the opportunity to draw Him! I've always wanted to begin but always decided not to do that!