Welcome in, welcome in, shame about the weather...

Welcome in, welcome in, shame about the weather...

среда, 12 мая 2010 г.

A girl with a blue eyes, but she always dreamt about green

About wonderful things today.

Thank you Daria for this wonderful thing! It means a lot to me!
All Pencils of Mine are Sugar- Plums

Well, let the show begins!
7 random things about myself
1. I think the best way to know and to feel something about a person is to draw him.
2. I like to ask a lot of questions (since I was a very little girl).
3. Almost every night I see three dreams.
4. Michael Sheen always makes me smile...(even now :-))
5. I've always wanted to play the cello
6. I love tragic films, blood and writing and reading letters.
and the last one: maybe 'My imagination will get me a passport to hell one day' (John Steinbeck)
And now let me share with you blogs of people I admire^
Sam Forder
Igor + Andre
Eivind Gulliksen

пятница, 7 мая 2010 г.

среда, 5 мая 2010 г.

Oh, you can see me here:

Crimson Kaie

And this is really wonderful - thank you so much, Boyan!